Mr Torquay's Holiday - Short Narrative Film

Writer, Director, DoP, Editor, VFX Mr Torquay's Holiday was part funded by FILM LONDON as part of 'London CALLING' 2013. "Mr Torquay's Holiday" was awarded a 'Jury Special Mention Award' at the 2013 London Calling ceremony handed to Aaron by film producer and jury member Steven Wooley (Crying Game, Made in Dagenham etc). The jury said: “Mr. Torquay’s Holiday is a great concept, a short with ambitions to tell a feature length story and an excellent lead performance. How should an agoraphobic face the end of the world? A big ambitious question addressed in a well made short film. The film has since screened at the Greenhorn Festival, the London Short Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Corner and a variety of short film nights, (Vibe Shorts, Revault, Salon Des Refuses, S4). Mr Torquay is an anxious, agoraphobic man who has withdrawn from a world he finds frightening, chaotic and dangerous. He has retreated to the safety of his flat, where the world is how he wants it to be. His routine-driven life is not entirely cut off from human contact. His meagre menu of food is delivered by a friendly delivery man on the same day every week and his sister leaves regular worried messages. But his life is predominantly solitary, and in his isolation he finds his release through an internal life dominated by online computer games. Events from the outside world start to interfere with his solitary existence, but Mr Torquay reacts by retreating deeper into his game world, where he can act out great deeds of heroism and adventure, unlike his day to day existence. But when dramatic and unfolding events in the world at large grow to such an extent that he can no longer turn to his game, Mr Torquay is forced to finally confront the world he fears so much. Mr Torquay’s Holiday is a dark, surreal, drama about how an isolated ‘nobody‘ reacts to the most dramatic events in his-story.

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